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Virtual + In-Person Sessions

"My SIT sessions with Shane have been life changing. 

I was dealing with chronic hip pain that was really impacting my ability to comfortably exercise. 

After one session my pain was completely gone and hasn’t returned, which has allowed me to fully enjoy activities I love doing instead of worrying about exasperating the issues. 

The guidance in connecting my pain to certain time periods/events and connecting the feelings was not only fascinating but extremely helpful in addressing my issues.

I was truly amazed at how quick and effective my SIT sessions were in addressing the problems I was experiencing.”



Virtual + In-Person Sessions

"I wasn’t sure what to expect in a SIT session and Shane helped me to feel very comfortable and relaxed so I could talk about my true feelings. I was able to open up about lingering feelings of anger, resentment and not feeling ready for a pregnancy.


Amazingly, Shane named the exact year that these emotions started to fester. During the session I could feel my body melt and my physical discomforts come to the surface. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I repeated the words I needed to hear and say. I had a huge diaphragm release, the dull ache at the base of my skull began to soften. 

I can’t believe that in only 2 sessions I feel more like myself again. The strong independent woman I was before having twins is back and ready to take on the world!


Thank you Shane for helping me find myself again!"



Virtual Sessions

“I am so grateful to have had a SIT session with Shane. After 1 session my jaw felt instantly better! The following day, my neck pain started to subside.


I had intentions of meeting with my Doctor for my TMJ and cancelled my appointment only after 2 sessions.


The mindful meditation piece also allowed me to grow on my new relationships.”



Virtual Sessions

“I was a bit reluctant to try my first SIT session because I’m quite scared to open up about my feelings and be vulnerable in front of anyone . 


I’m so glad I did! Shane was supportive and gentle and created a really safe space to share and release negative emotions I was holding in. I’ve struggled with chronic hip pain which began releasing immediately after my first session . 


Highly recommend.”



Virtual Sessions 

"My first SIT session with Shane was really life changing. It allowed me to open up about things that I have never truly been able to talk about.


During the guided meditations, I felt myself slowly feeling lighter and lighter. After the sessions my shoulders felt weightless, and my mind felt so much clearer.


Would definitely recommend!"



Virtual Sessions 

“I had the pleasure of participating in an SIT session with Shane! Initially I was a bit nervous and unsure what to expect. I was open with Shane about this, and he was quickly able to put my mind at ease.


Shane created a safe space to be open to discuss my emotional and physical symptoms. I was always free to discuss what I wanted or stop when I wasn’t comfortable. Shane was able to pin point times in my life I really didn’t expect; all the while checking in with me and making sure I was okay. 

Following the session, the physical symptoms I explained to Shane have either minimized or completely disappeared. I also experienced some areas of my life I was able to emotionally forgive and let go. In the week after my session, a person (I hadn’t spoken to in 2 years) reached out to me. I felt in a totally different place to release that relationship, accept the apology and move on. It was amazing.


I would undoubtedly recommend this experience to anyone.”



Virtual Sessions

“I am still in awe of what Shane was able to pull up during our session. He connected the patterns of my past relationships to a current pain I was having in my back. 


Since our session, my pain has not resurfaced. I felt safe & supported through the entire session. 


Thanks Shane!"



Virtual Sessions 

“Working with Shane was a great experience! I came to him to do some work around fear of being seen and fear of judgement. 


I felt seen and heard by Shane and he created an very impactful session for me! 


Two weeks post session, I’m feeling great and motivated to actually create some content for my social media account, without fear of judgement and without fear of being seen...all that remains is for me to actually make time to do it! 


Thank you Shane for helping me discover the ease to create!”

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