Three Month Personalized Home Programs

In order to reach your fitness goals, you know the next step is to workout—small steps will do for now. But you are tired of walking into a gym without a plan. Still, unfamiliar with the equipment and without much knowledge on exercise form, you’re understandably intimidated. 


This sucks because every person should be able walk into a gym with confidence, knowing they can work to better their health. You know you would like to work with a trainer, but it is a large investment in your health and you just cannot make it work for you budget right now. You looked into online training, but the training roster is full. This sucks. You’re not alone. 


This is why I offer take home personalized fitness programs: a sister service for my other personal training services. 

Cory Adams

"Before meeting Shane working out/going to the gym for me brought on a lot on anxiety. Throughout these 3 months Shane has helped put this at bay for me."

Joy Currie

"I can now say, I am in the best shape of my life. I couldn’t have done it without Shane always willing to listen, pushing and encouraging me throughout out time together."

Alison Adams

"I can see the physical changes and now even enjoy the gym again! I cannot thank Shane enough for the support and encouragement throughout the program!”

I am a former kid picked last in gym class. Eventually realized the emotions associated with this experience (and the variations), become ingrained within you. 


Today I am full time Personal Trainer with 10 years experience, training over 11,000 client personal training sessions, remotely trained clients living within Canada and the United States, and was voted "Top Trainers in Edmonton" for consecutive years.


Right now you can book a free consultation with me to chat over the phone or to come into the gym. Here you can have all your questions and concerns answered. From there, the choice is yours if we are taking the next step together. 

I will create a customized 3 month workout plan based off of your needs and wants. Every month you will meet me at the gym, where will go through your plan together for the next four weeks. The cost of this 3 month program (including 3 personal training sessions) is $450.00. 


What are the benefits to the take home program?


    Complete on your own time. Never missing a workout.


    Exercise cues and alternate exercise choices.


    End of every 4 weeks, you get a personal session to run through the plan. 


    Text and email support is available, as well as Sunday check in’s. 

If we work together you will slowly gain confidence knowing someone is there to support you and has a plan for you to take outside the gym and follow, because you belong in the gym, just like the rest of them. 


No one wants to remain intimidated and confused. But not being able to regularly work with a trainer shouldn’t stop you from embracing a consistent exercise program. Consistency will improve your energy levels, body composition, but also strength and mobility as well. I want you to have the customized plan in place, so you can confidently complete your workouts.  


To see if my take home personalized programming service is the path to take you from intimidated, confused and at a crossroads with a trainer, to confident, informed and down your own path, book a consultation today. 

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