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Sugar For Your Lemonade Podcast

Air Date: June 16, 2021

I sit down with Ashley, who I completed my practicum with upon graduation.


Ahh yes, when I was just a young guy, trying to finding his path in the fitness industry, navigating a life after his mom passed and …. avoiding therapy .

What the heck did we talk about??

Well, I opened up a bit about my mental health journey, depression and anxiety. An insight I learned in therapy regarding a coping mechanism I wasn’t aware I had— sometimes awarded for and what helps me when I feel like I’m in an anxiety spiral.

Click here, to listen. 


Beyond The Image Podcast

Air Date: November 20, 2020

I sat down to chat with James Patrick from the Beyond the Image Podcast and FITposium.

James and I discuss my start into fitness industry, taking control of my career to becoming an independent fitness biz owner 5 years ago and some lessons learned.

We discuss how important client relationships, gym anxiety and where I’m heading into 2021.

Click here, to listen. 

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