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Hey, I’m Shane.


I am empath with a bit of sass and a dash of sarcasm.


I never really got the chance to shine athletically growing up—I didn’t play sports, and gym class caused more stress than anything.


Judging from this, being a Professional Personal Trainer for the last decade might sound kind of strange.

I agree. I am literally  a walking contradiction though;

  • I was a small town country boy who happily grew up camping and having his own quad before he was 10. And was also (somewhat melodramatically) proclaiming to his parents he was going to move to LA or NYC.


  • I was a teenager who decided his career choices were either in the theatre arts or fitness industry, without much experience in either.


  • I grew up with Bon Jovi, ACDC and Cher blasting in the background. Today I still enjoy the occasional emo-punk-pop throwback, and at any moment can get down with all the big voiced divas like Beyonce and Christina Aguilera.


  • I hated gym class but loved the gym.

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And what got me here wasn’t initially my own interest in health and wellness. It was my mom’s.


My mom took charge of her health and completely transformed her life for the better. And when this mama’s boy saw the positive force exercise had on his mom’s life—I was done.


I enrolled in a 2-year diploma program for personal training. Unfortunately, my life and what it looked like forever changed, when my mom passed away a year before I graduated, on the Dean’s Honor List.


Though I couldn’t see her physically with me on my graduation. I could feel her presence.


Still numb to the experience of what was my new life; I like to imagine the energy I felt that day was my mom’s sense of pride.


Over a decade later…


I do this for my mom.

I do this for me.

And I do this for those of you who also didn’t get the chance to excel athletically.


For those of you, who felt like they are “too old to start.”

For those of you, who feel like the gym “isn’t for them.”


For those of you, who were picked last in gym class.


For those of you, who felt like they were never good enough, smart enough, fit enough, pretty enough….


Through health and fitness, I aim to show people like you, the strength you have inside of you and who you have always been…


What are some of the certifiable pieces of paper behind the name?


  • 2-Year Diploma in Personal Training with NAIT

  • Certified Personal Trainer through Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology

  • Subconscious Imprinting Practitioner with Empowered Healers Academy

  • Certified Online Personal Trainer through Online Trainer Academy

  • Corrective Exercise Specialist with NASM

  • Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition

  • CPR-Level C & AED renewed annually



Fun Events:


I have been a contributing writer to YEG Fitness Magazine, The Fitness Informer. I hosted a group fitness class at The Perspectives Health & Fitness Conference, intermittently guest speak for the Personal Fitness Trainer Program at NAIT and have been a guest on The Beyond The Image Podcast.


If you’re looking to start for the first time, or start again with some positive reinforcement and support, I am probably your person.


And if you also want to laugh, learn and discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Music Festivals… I am for sure your person.

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