My journey to becoming a Personal Trainer was, “a road less travelled.” I didn’t grow up playing sports or classify as having an “athletic background.” 

Why then, did I become a Personal Trainer, and why do I love it? To give you more background, I'll introduce you to my mom, Barb. She was the initial reason I chose a career in health and fitness. 
Barb took control, educating and challenging herself to improve her fitness and nutrition habits. In doing so, she reached many goals and gained a new sense of self in the process.

My mom's transformation is what planted the seed, being picked last in gym class is what keeps me growing (excuse the cheesiness haha).
Growing up I never felt like I was fit enough, or strong enough, or masculine enough. Little by little, being in the gym has allowed me to gain confidence and independence within myself.
With each goal achieved I felt more and more certain of my capabilities. All I want to do is make my clients feel the same way. I want to show others out there, like myself, who have never excelled athletically, who feel inadequate in the gym, and who just don’t feel like that are enough, that they are just that: enough. 

I have been a full time Personal Fitness Trainer since 2011, training well over 10,000 client sessions, after earning a diploma at NAIT and a Nutrition Coaching Certification with Precision Nutrition and a training certification through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology. 

Most recently, I have become a Certified S.I.T. Practitioner through the Empowered Healers Academy. I aim to assist people in curing their limiting beliefs and false narratives which perpetuate their own self-sabotage. 


Throughout my career thus far, I have had the pleasure of contributing articles to YEG Fitness, The Fitness Informer, Fitdirectory.ca, as well as my own blog, here.


I have had the honour of being voted alongside other professionals as "Top Trainers in Edmonton"  by YEG Fitness readers and co-founded the Rising Strong Wellness Retreat. I also squashed my nerves long enough to speak to health professionals for the Alberta Fitness Unit and guest speak on the Beyond The Image Podcast.

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