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You love the convenience of the streaming service fitness classes.


You’re more of a DIY kinda person, who wants a little extra encouragement and accountability.


Are you are also feeling like you need something a bit less generalized like those virtual classes you’ve been doing—something more personalized to you?


Are you a visual person, so being able to see someone on video demoing the exercises is a big thing for you?


If this sounds like where you are at right now, then you are at the right place, in the right time.

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Kim Moore, Edmonton

“Working with Shane was one of the best decisions I've made. I've felt a difference in my body and in my mental state. The workouts give me the flexibility I need, and the toughness I crave."

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Josh Goodstein, Orlando

“So far training with Shane I have achieved a consistent workout regime (and looking forward to it) and more energy. I have dropped from a XXL to an XL shirt, and 2 pant sizes. I have set an example to my sons that exercise is critical to a healthy body and mind.” 

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Anna Archer, Vancouver

“Because of my work with Shane I was able to walk into a gym with confidence. I knew what I was doing; I had marked progress in my abilities, and importantly did not injure myself or vomit. These may seem like small accomplishments to people who don’t know me, but to me they were immeasurable.”

These are the reasons I have been offering Personal Online Training with in-app video demonstration since 2013.


How online training differs from my Take Home Programs?

Online Training it’s all about the technology and the video. They both are completely personalized to you.


Down to your exercise history, equipment availability and whether you’re a Gryffindor or Slytherin House.


Your personal fitness program is delivered through a (free) app you download to your smart phone.


Your entire program is detailed out to you to avoid confusion.

And the biggest perk—every exercise that has been prescribed to you, has it’s very own video demonstration.


All you have to do is click on “Dumbbell Squats”, and a nice little video of myself will pop-up on your phone’s screen to give you’re the visual details.


Also included in this app is a private messaging centre (similar to any social media platform), progress tracking and a calendar to schedule your workouts.


“What about that accountability? I can just, not do it LOL.”


True. You can just not do the workouts.


However, you do need to ‘check-in’ and out of your workouts.


Never miss a workout when completing your workouts on your own schedule.


View logged activity, records, & progress photos on your own profile.


Log your workouts online and on your phone. 


View graphs analyzing your performance of exercises you have completed.


View exercise demo's for all exercises within your program.

And the app tracks how long it took you to do the workout. So either way, I will know when you’re finished and whether it took you 2 seconds or 30 minutes. ;)


Your investment in this is $175/month for 3-months.


If you ordered Skip the Dishes twice per week for 2 months… this is less than your Skip order.


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, send me a message now.

You can view my other service prices, here. 

If you also want to tell me about your favourite concert experience, I am open to hearing that too.

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