Private & Semi-Private Training 

Sessions can be done in-person in the studio, or virtually from wherever you are.

In order to reach your fitness goals, you know the next step is to workout—even if it’s something small; one or two days per week, 20-40 minutes would do. Sounds easy right? 


You walk into a gym without a plan, unfamiliar with the equipment and not much support (outside of the cardio machines and magazines you read). You’re understandably intimidated. This sucks because every person should be able walk into a gym with confidence, knowing they can work to better their health. But you’re not alone. 


I was the kid in gym class who if wasn't chosen by default, wasn't chosen at all. Eventually I realized the emotions associated with this experience (and their variations), become ingrained within you.  

Ken MacDonald

“I know I wouldn’t have achieved what I have accomplished in terms of fitness and health without Shane’s support.” 

Donna McPherson

“I no longer have as much anxiety about getting back in to my gym routine. While I still struggle with the mind games, Shane has helped me realize that I am strong enough to overcome them!” 

Himmat Grewal

I genuinely enjoy going to the gym now. Shane has helped me change by overcoming challenges that at times seemed impossible.” 

Today I am full time Personal Trainer with 10 years experience, training over 11,000 client sessions and was voted "Top Trainers in Edmonton" for consecutive years.


Right now you can book a free consultation with me where you can have all your questions and concerns answered. From there, the choice is yours if we are taking the next step together. 


I will create a customized workout plan based off of your needs and wants. Going forward, we will go through the plan together having the option of purchasing a one time, Introductory 3 Session Package for $150, then/or, going through one of my other three session packages.


Depending on the training package, sessions range from $68-$85/session.

If we work together you will slowly gain confidence knowing someone is there to support you and has a plan, but also, that you do actually belong in the gym. Do not be surprised if that confidence shows up outside the gym as well. 


No one wants to remain intimidated and confused, but by embracing a consistent exercise program, not only will you will experience improved energy levels and body composition, but you will notice strength and mobility improvements as well. I want you to gain more knowledge on what to do within the gym, so you can go off on your own, if you so choose and feel more comfortable working out. 


To see if my personal training services is the path to take you from intimidated, confused and tired to confident, informed and energetic, book a consultation today

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