Spruce Grove, AB

“Shane is the most down to earth guy. After our initial phone call I felt completely comfortable with him and knew it would be the right choice to hire him. Due to my busy schedule I chose then take home program. 

Meeting with Shane once a month was easy he made sure I understood every piece of the program and would make sure form was correct so when I went to my gym I knew what I was doing. He would keep in touch every week to see if I had questions and make sure the program was working. 


After the last 3 months I can see the physical changes and now even enjoy the gym again! I cannot thank Shane enough for the support and encouragement throughout the program!”



Edmonton, AB

“I went to Shane in September when I started to be indistinguishable from the couch. My hobbies and sports had all been put on hold due to Covid19. I was struggling with the motivation to be active. 


When I first met with Shane, I was ready to jump in and get back on track…in a completely unrealistic and unsustainable way.  Shane helped me to set realistic expectations and eased me into my fitness routine, which I have since been able to maintain. 


Sessions with Shane have become something that I look forward to as I always leave feeling stronger and more optimistic, than when I arrived.


10/10 would recommend to a friend.”



Spruce Grove, AB

“I was referred to Shane by a friend and from the first moment we had a phone conversation I knew he was the right fit. Shane was very relatable to my situation and made me feel that how I was feeling about working out and going to the gym was ok and warranted. 

Before meeting Shane working out/going to the gym for me brought on a lot on anxiety. What do I do at the gym? Was I doing it right? Were people looking at me and judging? Throughout these 3 months Shane has helped put this at bay for me. 

He has been very supportive throughout my program from building me a routing that was easy to grasp for a new learner, to always checking in and answering any questions that I had without judgment or making me feel incompetent. Every time we met up in the gym it was always full of laughs and was a very relaxed environment and I never felt judged."

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Edmonton, AB

"I signed up with Shane Kokas after we discussed what my goals were and how to best get me there. From there, Shane designed a take home program where I would check in with him, but not meet with him for the workouts. 


I really wanted to build muscle, without excessive bulking and much weight gain. 


Due to the goals I had, changes need to be made. That is when the anxiety hit hard. Shane was wonderful at hearing me, helping me sort through the feelings and help me explore the source of the anxiety. He set up my at home training paired with a couple days of group classes. 


I was apprehensive at first, but after measurements were done 1 month into our program, I was seeing improvements. I was elated! I had to share this with Shane right away. 


I can now say, I am in the best shape of my life. I couldn’t have done it without Shane always willing to listen, pushing and encouraging me throughout out time together.”

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