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Give yourself a break

I hope you’re feeling motivated today, but in case you’re struggling, here is a reminder that when we set out to reach our goals, from what I experienced myself and when working with others, is we often overlook the preparation of struggle—that not every day will be a “good day”.

Recognizing that we are not defined by our choices—we slip up, make mistakes, and life throws curve balls. We are human and we can’t be or do all the things, all the time. We need to give ourselves a break.

Story Time:

There was a time a client came into the gym expressing they caught a cold. Minutes into the session I could tell something else was going on beyond a common cold. “Can we go outside today?” they questioned.

Walking around for almost 30 minutes we sat down at a park bench. They sighed, “I am afraid I have lost everything—everything I worked hard for. I feel like I physically went back 3 years.”

As I continued to listen to them speak, I felt such heaviness because I empathized so strongly—feeling weak, ashamed and afraid.

We wont always have a “good day”, “good week” or “good month”.

But planning for struggle doesn’t necessarily make it easier either.

The feelings are real and valid.

Sometimes reframing the situation from “perfection” to “progress” can help—and seeking the help of a professional in this area.

Reframing our perception by consistently doing our best. Maybe it’s walking, a 20-minute workout, sleeping or ensuring 1 meal that day has vegetables. Whatever it is, we need to approach this through compassion.

Because your best is all we can deliver on—and our best can change and will look different that from anyone else’s.

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