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It was never about the pull-up

I was defeated—frustrated by the exercise. “This is stupid—just pull your-self up”, I would tell myself. "Just do the damn thing."

After months (years) of work/consistency, one seemingly random day, my head when over the bar—“Wait, what just happened!”?

It wasn’t until much later on I realized it was never just about the pull-up.

I always admired the people who could perform the pull-ups. From an early age I always associated pull-ups with the people I saw performing them—muscular, athletic, popular, strong and “fit”. So if I could perform pull-ups—then I must be like them.

For years I thought I wanted to accomplish the exercise—after accomplishing the goal I realized what I actually wanted to overcome narratives the exercise represented to me—“you’re weak, not athletic… not good enough.”

This is a foundation of why I got into this industry; to show others who identify as not having a strong athletic ability or those having some form of anxiety when getting started, regardless of past experience, who maybe don’t feel like they’re “enough”… that they have actually been that all along.

I do that through fitness.

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